And the Dance Doctor is uniquely qualified to deliver results


Resolve your burning questions, polish your technique, and get exercises and tools to use going forward. In this 50 minute one on one, Tara will pinpoint exactly what you need to work on to take your dancing to the next level.

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I am a professional dancer and teacher, with 30 years of experience in ballroom, latin, ballet, jazz, modern, salsa, bachata, and kizomba. I am a professionally certified instructor with 9 years of teaching experience. My students range from competitive ballroom dancers perfecting their technique, to retired couples who want do go out salsa dancing once a week, and everyone in between.

Over the last 9 years I have honed my ability to filter the detailed and nuanced information I have received over the course of my dance career into accessible, simple exercises to help dancers of all levels achieve their dancing goals.

It is my passion to share my expertise and watch my students reap the benefits of improved dancing. The goal of these courses is to widen my scope as an instructor, and be able to reach dance students around the world.


Tara Cassone is one of the best instructors you will ever find. Her online instruction is clear, knowledgeable, well paced, and most importantly, lots of fun! I have taken classes in person and online with Tara and I can say with confidence that she is the best!

Christine J

I had my path cross with Tara at a point where I had undergone surgery and was feeling burnt out from work. Finding Tara's videos, I knew immediately that she is a gem of a dance instructor given her expert translation of dance moves into accessible teaching steps. Taking her classes has pushed my body to a new form, it has contextualized dance for me, introducing techniques and dance styles I didn't ever think I would learn and dance. Most importantly I have felt emotionally and spiritually uplifted and reconnected to a space of creativity that was missing from my life. Thank you for sharing your passion Tara!

Mona M

Tara is one of the best teachers I’ve ever met. Each week she practices small steps with you, and then layers them with more small steps, and after an hour you’re dancing. She is never impatient, and has a way of making you incredibly proud of yourself, just like a good mama.

I’m not sure who was more thrilled with my progress, Tara or me. 

While I won’t call myself a salsa badass, I’m totally ready to go to a club and put myself out on the dance floor and have fun, because salsa is FUN!

Laurie W

I wanted to incorporate cuban motion and presenting these social dances in a more authentic way. I first saw Tara on YouTube and was so impressed with her teaching style that I reached out to find out if she would do private online lessons with me. From the very first lesson understood what I needed and went to work to help me. Tara is supportive, encouraging, and beyond knowledgeable in the art of dance. The Dance Doctor is the perfect name for Tara.... because she can immediately diagnose where you are at and what is needed. Working virtually (online) with Tara advanced my technique quickly and exactly in line with what I wanted. Anybody wanting to learn dance, either as a beginner or to improve upon their technique as a more experienced dancer, should involve Tara in their dance journey. You will, without a doubt, be very happy you did.

Joy S